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Teacher History CPD

Free Teaching Local History CPD

Historic England's Heritage Schools Programme


Tuesday 14th November 10.00am - 4.00pm


The Assembly rooms, The Crescent, SK176JS


Wheelchair friendly, accessible toilet

Teaching using timelines, buildings, historical maps and images

FREE TO ATTEND AND MONEY GOES TO YOUR SCHOOL FOR ATTENDING. £130 is given to each school towards the cost of cover for a teacher attending.*

What are the benefits of attending?

  • You’ll receive a free bespoke paper map and aerial photo pack of your school’s locality (worth £160) and a USB of resources. These resources will help you save time when preparing your local history lessons
  • You’ll get training in how you can use these resources in engaging ways to explore the story of your school’s local area and how it has changed over time.
  • You’ll build your knowledge about primary documents that you can easily obtain to help you to conduct enquiries about your school’s local area.
  • You’ll meet other teachers and get support from experienced heritage learning professionals, on the day and after the course.
  • You’ll have headspace and a change of scene for the day in Buxton’s beautiful Assembly Rooms.

Do I have to teach in Buxton?

We make up the map-packs for your school’s local area, so you can be a teacher from anywhere in England.

Is lunch included?

Yes, refreshments and a delicious lunch are provided.

How will I learn about using historic buildings in my history and geography lesson?

Working with an experienced guide we will complete a local heritage trail of Buxton and learn how to use architecture to date buildings and the clues that help us find out about the stories of the people who worked or lived there.

The heritage trail models how you can use place based learning and built heritage to explore the story of your school’s local area.

You will also develop your understanding of the many layers of Buxton’s history and heritage and how they link to the curriculum.

Who is delivering the training?

The training is delivered by Ismail Dale, Historic England’s Heritage Schools Manager. Ismail is a former primary school teacher with years of experience of weaving a golden thread of local history through the primary curriculum.

Katie Potter is an Education Manger at Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust and has 20 years of experience of working with children in primary school and heritage settings.

This is the second part of Historic England’s Heritage Schools 2023/2024 CPD Programme in collaboration with the Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust, what if I missed the first part?

Not a problem! We recorded the 1 hour, online introduction, email Katie at learn@buxtoncrescenttrust.org for the recording. (Watch the recording and you’ll discover some great websites for historical photos and maps of your school’s unique locality.)

What do teachers say who have taken part in the training?

“Every teacher should take part in the Heritage Schools CPD programme. It’s such useful training and a great network of support.”

Harpur Hill teacher.

Sign up now and make your history teaching powerful, purposeful and personal!

*The £130 should be invoiced for by the school business manager after the event has been attended. £130 per school. So if two teachers attend from the same school we can only pay £130 to the school in total.

Any Questions?

If you need to know more, or have a question, please feel free to get in touch...

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Any Questions?

If you need to know more, or have a question, please feel free to get in touch...

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