Teachers go free to the Buxton Crescent Experience!

Teachers go free to the Buxton Crescent Visitor Experience

Drop in any time between 2pm and 7pm

Teachers go free to the Buxton Crescent Visitor Experience

We’re opening the doors of the BCVE for free to all teachers on Tuesday 15th February from 2pm. (Tickets are normally £10 for adults visiting the Buxton Crescent Visitor Experience. (£9 for Derbyshire residents).

You are invited to come and see what the 9 very different rooms of the Crescent Experience can offer your class. Play the interactive water cure game, take a virtual reality balloon ride over the Peak District and discover what makes Buxton Water so special.

Scott, Louise and Katie from the learning team will be on hand to chat. We’ll answer any questions you have about bringing a class on a hosted tour of the Experience. Drop in at a time that suits you, and stay for as little or as long as you would like. Refreshments will be provided.

All teachers visiting the BCVE on the 15th February can be entered into a prize draw to be in with a chance to win a free Buxton Crescent Visitor Experience hosted tour and workshop for their class worth £180.

Please sign up using the registration form to let us know you plan to attend. We’ll make sure we have enough tea and biscuits!
Also for teachers on the 15th February, The new Roman and Stone Age to Iron Age Object Handling Boxes will be available to investigate in the Wonders of the Peak Gallery at Buxton Museum from 10am to 5pm.

A member of the learning team will also be at the museum to answer any questions. The Museum is a short 5 minute stroll up the Slopes from the Crescent. If you’re planning a trip to the museum, this a great opportunity for some pre visit reconnaissance.

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This special teachers-only event will take place in the Buxton Crescent Visitor Experience, opposite the Buxton Pump Room. The Crescent Buxton SK17 6BH The entrance is on the Buxton Crescent Colonnade, to the right hand side of the fountains (the next door to the right of the art gallery) For more details please email learn@buxtoncrescenttrust.org Call: 01298 214577


Tuesday 15th February 2022 From 2pm to 7pm (the Buxton Museum will be open only from 10am to 5pm) Drop in any time (please pre-register) your visit will take between 20 and 60 minutes.

Covid Safety

We're following the guidance of the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions guidance on appropriate Covid precautions. Therefore, we still advise that visitors while inside our venues, still wear a face mask, wash and sanitise hands, and maintain social distancing.

Any Questions?

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