Self Guide Museum Visit

Self-Guide Museum Visit

Self-guided resources to support exploration of Buxton Museum

Book a free self guide museum visit for your class to explore Buxton Museum and Art Gallery.

The museum is open between 10am and 5pm from Tuesday to Saturday and perfectly complements a Buxton Crescent Visitor Experience tour or workshop.  Make a day of your visit to Buxton by booking a self-guide visit at the Museum for the afternoon of your trip.

We suggest exploring the museum will take between one and two hours..

The museum has a range of different bookable object handling boxes you can use to tailor your visit to the topic you are teaching.

Boxes include Roman Clothes and Games, Roman Everyday Life and Stone Age to Iron Age Tools and Weapons.

The handling boxes are free but must be booked in advance.
You can also download themed DIY activity sheets to support the children’s exploration of the Wonders of the Peak gallery.

Further information

Everything you need to plan and prepare for your visit can be found on the Museum’s Padlets by following the links below

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