St. Annes Church

St. Anne's Church

A brief history

St Anne’s, believed to be the oldest building in Buxton, is known to be the oldest church, in existence as a chapel by the 17th century.  1625 is carved in the porch, but the major part appears to be much earlier, possibly a tythe barn adapted for worship. John Wesley is known to have preached in the church in the 18th century, but by 1800 it had decayed to a ruin.  Services transferred to the Assembly Rooms until a new church, St John’s, opened in 1811.

St Anne’s was repaired and served as a school, a Sunday School and finally a mortuary chapel.  It was rededicated to St Anne in 1885 with heavily ritualised Anglo-Catholic services.  

Since then there have been several extensions and restorations. The interior, though small, has been beautifully and richly decorated and furnished over the years, containing many interesting features of considerable age, some transferred from previous locations.

What it is used for now?

It remains a peaceful place for private prayer.

A Holy Communion service is held once a week, every Wednesday morning.

Did you know?

A stroll round the graveyard at the back of the church will take you to the listed monument that is the actor John Kane’s headstone.  He died from accidental hemlock poisoning in 1799 while performing in Buxton.