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There's lots of ways to bring learning to life with us.

Buxton is a beautiful historic spa town surrounded by the Peak District National Park. Visitors have travelled to Buxton for thousands of years to drink and bathe in the famous natural mineral water.

Now it’s your turn to visit! 

We’re on a mission to bring Buxton’s history alive through a range of cross-curricular activities and workshops. We want all learners – from early years to sixth formers– to feel connected to and proud of the local history on their doorstep. We’re a great place to enrich the curriculum, build chronological understanding and develop enquiry skills. 

Inspire your learners’ curiosity, deepen engagement with the landscape around them and enjoy the experience of learning outside the classroom in Buxton. We also deliver workshops at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery.

Our Education Managers have a combined [X] years of teaching experience and continue to teach in classrooms. We work with you before your visit to organise a fun and exciting educational day out.

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Develop your knowledge of local heritage and network with colleagues.

Educator's Pre Visit

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Teaching Resources

Plan your visit with key practical information and pre & post visit activities.

Discover the history of Buxton, a town shaped by water,
in the nine different rooms of the Crescent Experience.

People have been regularly coming to Buxton for its healing waters since the 14th century, though we know that the Romans enjoyed the mineral springs much further in the past.

There’s so much to explore about our unique and rich history that has largely lain dormant for a long time – so we created the Experience so everyone can discover just how special our water, architecture, and heritage is.

When booking the Experience as a school or education provider, our Education Managers work with you before and during your visit to ensure that any additional needs are met and that your day runs smoothly, so your learners can make the most of our spaces.

90 Minutes

£4.50 per pupil

Curriculum links:

The Water Cycle



  • Follow rainwater on a 5,000 year journey through the Peak District hills and find out why it emerges warm from the natural springs beneath the Crescent.
  • Dress up in historical hats and discover what visitors have thought about Buxton over the centuries.
  • Fly on a virtual reality hot air balloon ride across the Peak District to Buxton in its Georgian heyday.
  • Meet an eighteenth century apothecary and discover how medicine has changed through time.
  • Play the Water Cure game and learn about a day in the life of a Georgian visitor to Buxton.
  • Admire the symmetry and structure that makes the Crescent’s amazing architecture so special.
  • Watch film of the Crescent’s restoration and see how it has changed over time.

Build a half or full-day:

additional workshops only £1.50 per pupil!

Teachers are entitled to a FREE pre-visit to the Buxton Crescent Experience.
Email Learn@BuxtonCrescentTrust.org to arrange.


We offer three curriculum linked, hands-on workshops for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. If you book a tour of The Buxton Crescent Experience, make a half-day of it and add a facilitated workshop for just an extra £1.50 per pupil!

Email us at Learn@BuxtonCrescentTrust.org to get in touch.

TEST THE WATERS with Mary the Well Woman


ROMAN BUXTON: Porto the Puppet Show

Workshop 1:


with Mary the Well Woman

Meet Mary, a Well Attendant from the Victorian era. Carry out scientific tests on Buxton Water, discover why the mineral spring is so important to Buxton, and drink some yourselves straight from the earth!

Buxton’s water emerges at the Pump Room at a constant 27.5C at the end of its 5000 year journey. Built to accommodate visitors to the town, the Pump Room was a sociable place to “take the water”. Visitors would pay a penny upon entry and would be served by people like Mary from the marble balustrade.

60 Minutes

£1.50 per pupil as add-on

£4.50 per pupil standalone

Curriculum links:

The Water Cycle

Science (Chemistry)


"I think it was great that it was such a practical and ‘hands on’ experience... they loved dressing up in the outfits at the Pump Room, it brought the history to life!"
Year 4 Teacher

Workshop 2:


Take a closer look

Spot and sketch the symmetry and Georgian architectural features that make the Grade-I Listed Crescent so stunning. Find out about architect John Carr and make your own Crescent model.

An early example of multifunctional architecture, the Crescent is built in the Palladian Neo-classical style, heavily inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman design. Recurring motifs are arranged perfectly according to the mathematical Golden Ratio, or Fibonacci Sequence, found everywhere in nature from flowers to galaxies.

60 Minutes

£1.50 per pupil as add-on

£4.50 per pupil standalone

Curriculum links:

Art and Design: Architecture

Maths: Symmetry


"I loved the building - I learnt lots!"
Year 4 Pupil

Workshop 3:


Porto the Puppet Show

Interactive puppetry and storytelling performance. Discover the story of how Porto, a Roman soldier from Portugal, journeyed to Buxton (Aqua Arnemetiae) and settled in the Peak District. Handle original Roman artefacts, help repair pottery, play knucklebones, and make a simple piece of jewellery to take back to school.

60 Minutes

£1.50 per pupil as add-on

£4.50 per pupil standalone

Curriculum links:

Art and Design: Architecture

Maths: Symmetry


"The activities were very well thought-out and meaningful for the children; they made the museum trip come to life. Our trip definitely achieved what we set out to do which was to enhance the children’s learning through real-life experiences”
Year 4 Teacher, Buxworth Primary School


Our Learning Team work closely with Buxton Museum and Art Gallery to bring their diverse and fascinating collection into your learners hands. The Wonders of the Peak gallery features a timeline of objects and a time wall. Together these can be used to discuss chronology and give opportunities for children to investigate periods from prehistory through to almost the present day.


Self-guided visits to the museum are free, and object handling boxes can be booked in advance. The museum is just a 5 minute walk from Buxton Crescent and the Pump Room, and makes for a great companion visit.

Handling Boxes

You can book use the museum’s object handling boxes for free, though they must be booked in advance with your visit. The boxes feature both real artefacts and replica objects, and are themed around clothes, games, tools and weapons, pottery, everyday life, and storytelling. You’ll also be sent downloadable DIY self-guided activities to help your pupils discover prehistoric pottery or Roman jewellery and money in the Wonders of the Peak gallery.

Handling boxes and DIY activities are designed to be self-led by teachers and your support staff on a visit.

STONE AGE TO IRON AGE: 4 Object Handling Boxes

Roman history handling box

ROMAN BRITAIN: 3 Object Handling Boxes

Downloads & Accessibility

Below are some useful documents to help you plan your visit. On confirming a booking with us we will email out copies of the below documents along with further information about each activity.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact form below.

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Please get in touch with us via the form below if you have any questions, would like a call back, or would like further information. Or you can email Learn@BuxtonCrescentTrust.org


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Our Premium Guided Tours set off in the morning, where you can dive deep into the rich history of our area aided by our warm and wonderful hosts.

For those who prefer to discover at their own pace, the Experience opens to Self-Guided visitors at 1pm.

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