Pump Room Available!

Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust offers a free venue to local community groups

Does your community group need a venue?

Buxton Crescent Heritage Trust are excited to announce that, with the support of the Bingham Trust, we can now offer a free space for use by local community groups. If your group needs a venue, then the beautiful Georgian Pump Room in Buxton, managed by the Trust, could be the perfect space. The interior is unique, featuring marble pillars and stained-glass windows, and containing the live waters of Buxton’s thermal spa. The room has brand new state-of-the-art air conditioning, an excellent acoustic for musical events, and hard floors, making it a great choice for a range of workshops.

The recent pandemic has been devastating for community groups and charities alike. Members have dwindled away, leaving many once-thriving community projects struggling. We know this first-hand, and so, in line with our own charitable objectives, we applied for financial assistance from the Bingham Trust to help us engage with and support other local community groups on their road to recovery. The funding we have now received means that we can offer the beautiful Buxton Pump room as a free community venue on 10 evenings between now and March 31st next year. We will also be offering the Pump Room for hire at discounted rates to local community groups at other times.

To find out more about this fantastic opportunity, and to apply on behalf of your community group, please email hello@buxtoncrescenttrust.org.