Railway Station

A brief history:   

The only survivor of Buxton’s three original train stations, it was built by the London and North Western Railway, running trains to Manchester.  Both it and its adjacent matching Midland Railway station were opened in 1863.  Both stations, with connecting links in the extensive Victorian rail network, provided services from London to Manchester via different routes.  

At the time, the trains brought valuable staying guests and the first day trippers to a newly thriving Buxton.  Until 1964 the adjacent stations shared one roof above their platforms.  Their architect was Joseph Paxton, who designed matching fan windows with the respective companies names carved in the stones above.  The Beeching cuts in the 1960s saw the closure of the Midland Station and it was demolished in 1967.  

Across Station Road from the fan window is a stone wall, all that now remains.  In 2019 the fan window was restored.  From 1975 the Peak Railway Preservation Society has been working to re-open the old Midland line across the Peak District to Matlock from adjacent reclaimed land.

What it is used for now:   

Buxton Station still runs regular passenger trains to Manchester and the occasional steam train excursions call in.  Since 2010 the national award-winning Friends of Buxton Station have worked to improve the station environment to include murals, the Japanese garden, more benches and seating and wild flower planting.  There is a reclaimed red telephone box on the platform that has been converted into one of Buxton’s defibrillator stations.

Did you know?   

The Buxton Car Club carshare scheme is located at the station.  The station is becoming a sustainable travel hub as part of Buxton’s ambitious Sustainable Travel Plan.

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